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If you would like to optimise your storage space our racking structures are one of the services you can utilise. From an initial site survey to identify your unique company requirements, we will be there every step of the way. Organisation is key to maintaining a steady working environment. We can offer small bays of warehouse shelving for self-assembly through to long-span systems. The racking that you require will be advised on by our experts with over 45 years’ experience. From industrial site racking to mezzanine flooring we have you covered.

We will advise on the use of racking that adapts to the specific requirement of each individual business space. Our design team will take into account the working environment of your space and consequently any other services required. By identifying, creating and installing a racking system that suits you there will be minimum disruption to your working day during installation. In addition, our team can also offer forklifts, warehouse equipment or safety apparatus. We will pick additional products that will work with your racking structures. Subsequently, you can rest assured that all equipment provided will help to improve the day-to-day running of your business space.

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Workplace health and safety is integral to maintaining a happy and safe working environment. Through site surveys our team will subsequently advise on the best equipment that will minimise risk in a workplace. Most importantly the ‘Personal Protective Equipment’ (PPE) that we offer is of the highest quality and essential for workers. We can assist in creating risk assessments for a working environment and likewise what PPE will be essential.

The safety products we can offer range from access platforms and safety ladders to impact barriers and pedestrian safety barriers. With our equipment business owners can alleviate warehouse dangers for employees. Similarly other elements of safety equipment include functioning mobile & safety steps, access platforms, safety barriers, impact protection and safety flooring. For each individually personally within the business we can offer hard hats, hi vis jackets, safety goggles, warehouse safety boots with a steel toe cap, overalls and safety gloves. With over 45 years’ experience in keeping our workers safe we can help your business to make sure you have the best and safest environment that your workers can feel comfortable within.

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If you have a new office space or wish to re-design an existing one our team are here to help. We have years of experience in services designing and equipping office spaces to act most efficiently. Office spaces can be highly functioning moreover with the ability for ample distance between workers. We can advise on the best way to layout an office space utilising the floor plan to make working easier. A functioning workspace is important as it can save wasted minutes and hours during a working day. Creation of clever and well mapped office plans can also increase workers’ productivity and happiness within an office.

Pick4me can supply all the equipment that an office needs from storage solutions to good posture seating. We will create a plan for your working space before supplying office equipment that best suits the space. We can offer varying size and shapes of office desks, varying steel and wooden office storage, economy to bespoke office chairs, reception seating and desk converters. Canteen furniture and mailroom sorting systems with distribution trolleys can also be given. If you are opening a new office or require one re-designing we can help you every step of the way. Because for us it’s all about the service!

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We are certainly proud to be suppliers of some of the best forklift trucks worldwide. We have spent 45 years building up strong relationships with renowned forklift truck dealers including CAT® Lift Trucks, Haulotte, Heli, Baumann Sideloaders, TE, FTC, ePower Trucks, Bendi, Terberg Machines, Combilift, Hako, JCB, Raniero, EP, Flexi and many many more. Our commitment is to providing the best forklift trucks to suit the needs of each individual company and individual. Whether you are requiring a new truck or a used truck our team will find the best solution for you and ensure that the truck is delivered to you fully serviced and working efficiently to be cost effective for your business requirements.

With such extensive experience in services we will provide trucks that would be best suited for your working environment. We are embracing new lithium-ion technology for our new trucks that offer greater dependency and service for users. We supply new trucks or if you’d like a tried and tested model we can also supply used trucks. Whether buying new or used you can always rest assured that as part of Hannaman Material Handling we will supply the trucks fully serviced and in great working condition. If you would like to minimise the stress around servicing you can always sign up for a servicing contract with Hannaman Material Handling.

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We offer warehouse equipment that makes the most of the height and width of a storage space. We offer the very best in indoor trucks to be used in a warehouse including Pallet Trucks and Stackers, Reach Trucks and Multi-Way Reach Trucks and Order Pickers. Being small and highly manoeuvrable, the power pallet trucks we can offer are excellent for moving individual pallets or other unit loads at ground level and for loading goods vehicles via a loading dock. Some of the stackers have the versatility of being able to lift a load to heights of around 6m.

Perfect for higher-level operations, the modern reach trucks give extended lift heights which allow warehouse operators to pack goods in right up to roof level, ensuring maximum storage density in any given footprint. Through our extensive contacts in the warehouse equipment trade we can offer the best order pickers in the warehouse equipment industry. How? Our suppliers have used their expertise to develop an order picker for every single warehouse application and each one is designed with operator’s comfort in mind. As well as helping you to make the most of your available vertical space, the warehouse equipment we offer is also designed to work in aisles far narrower than those required by a counterbalance warehouse forklift truck - meaning that more bays of racking (in addition to more goods) can be squeezed into any given area.

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