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Pick4me has been running as part of Hannaman Material Handling for nearly 50 years. From warehouses to office renovations we are experienced in selecting and fitting efficient solutions to problems.

With a dedicated and experienced team, we can analyse sites and create working plans for equipping new or old spaces. Subsequently utilising the best equipment will gain the most functionality from whatever size space you have.

Our impressive stockholding and recognised supplier network enables us to offer you a wide range of warehouse equipment and general office supplies for all manner of storage, handling and display purposes. We understand the importance of quality and value. Therefore we work hard to ensure we bring you the best quality products at highly competitive prices.

If you can’t quite find what you’re looking for, then please do get in touch. With our extensive network of leading manufacturers, importers and wholesales, it is likely we can source the items you need. This will subsequently save your business time and money. Pick4me is a Hannaman's brand ensuring that everything we do most importantly “Is all about the Service!”

The Team

Here at Pick4me our team strive to remain as one of the UK’s leading independent material handling equipment suppliers. Our team specialise in racking, safety equipment, office equipment, forklift trucks and warehouse apparatus.

Founded in 1975 the company operates from its facilities in the heart of Deeside Enterprise Zone situated in Flintshire, North Wales. Consequently we move with changes being based in one of the modern, highly skill-driven manufacturing areas in the UK. Our strategic location in Deeside gives Pick4me easy access to Wales, the North West and the Midlands. Therefore our location enables us to provide expert advice built on over 45 years’ experience of every aspect of material handling equipment.

Pick4me are proud to have strong links with our original equipment manufacturer and supplier partners. Subsequently this enables us to offer a complete range of high quality products and services to our customers. When backed up by high quality professional aftersales operations and support teams you have a combination that you can rely on to make sure you receive the best service.

Pick4me’s success has been built by caring for our customers and providing a quality, price competitive service to every client no matter how large or small their business requirements are.

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